Work Experience - IBM

Software Engineer (Jan 2004 - Mar 2009)

IBM - WebSphere Application Server

  • Developed J2EE (JSP) web application for publishing interim fix files and associated meta data to external customers.  Internally used by customer support developers and Knowledge Engineers.  Application interfaced with DB2, LDAP, local file system, FTP, custom IBM APIs and was hosted on WebSphere Application Server
      • Responsible for preparing and administering training presentations to customer support teams
      • Accountable for application support, maintenance and user notifications
      • Managed code version control (via CVS & CMVC) and build process
      • Coordinated application build, UAT set up and deployment to WebSphere
    •   Deployed and maintained SWG eSupport and departments intranet sites
        • Functions include eSupport content pages rendered with company style sheet standards
        • Designed dynamically rendered web pages.  Content Email notifications using web subscription form with user login.
        • Developed web input forms with taxonomy (meta data) import from remote DBs.  Output to XML docs and Java export to Domino DB.  User validation with JavaScript.
        • Web accessibility analysis/remediation using TeamStudio Analyzer, WebKing for Domino DBs
      •   Developed a SWG WebMetrics application for reporting eSupport content user metrics and feedback.  Java - JDBC batch programs to export data from Notes DB to DB2. 
      • Perl development included file system search function to web output display and web form parse to XML docs 
      • Accountable for product support RSS pages including UAT and trouble shooting 
      • Managed up to four application developers
          • Responsible for developer assignments, code architecture, project sizing, deployment status
          • Interviewed, provided end of assignment input and responsible for team member on-boarding
        •  Developed Notes 8 - Composite applications (component libraries, wire frame, widgets)
        • Maintain and responsible for 6 dev, test, and staging servers (Windows Server 2003, 2000)
          • Set up back up strategy (TSM), installed APARs and provide disk space management
          • Installed software stack including DB2, WebSphere Application Server, IBM HTTP Server, LDAP, TSM, and Perl.  Responsible for product upgrade installs.
          • Managed remote access and ID support for dept users.  Responsible for team's capital requests.

        Software Developer (Mar 2002 - Dec 2003)

        IBM developerWorks

        • Application development on a Domino based solution repository, IBM Global Solutions Directory, with web access search functionality. The application utilized Global Workbench for translation into 9 languages (3 double byte types) with 8 DB’s each.
        • Corporate standardization upgrade and redesign (component modularization) of all web pages. Developed Java batch agents to manage content of ISV demographic information and update Solution data. Created a custom Email notification Domino DB to provide automation for ensuring current Solution data with call center follow-up workflow functionality. Responsible for server/domain configuration for FVT/UAT and performance testing.
        • Development of a web application for ISV’s with member authentication. Interface included JDBC queries to DB2, webcall messages and Java compiled in Domino application. Web pages developed using JavaScript, layers, and style sheets. International usage required double-byte language support.


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